Sunday, June 27, 2010


Dear Comrades,
This is a humble appeal to all the people in this group to consider
the serious efforts of reservation and their role in the upliftment of
downtroden sections of the union of India.
As we are aware that the reservation given to untochables is cornered
by a single caste (Malas or holayas or pulayas or pariyas)
diffferently called in different states in south India. These have led
to different movements like MRPS, MRHS, arunthathiyars innner
reservation front, etc..,. These various movements had not fought for
a single madiga allied castes but gave voice for every downtrodden
section of Scheduled castes. There are lots of failures with a little
gain but the people of the various castes got political awareness
which is very great success of these movements. These things cannot
happen with a single personality. It happened with the efforts of lots
of dedication of every sections like youth, women, children, leaders,
etc…, but the success cannot go without any involvement of the
“KNOWLEDGED SECTORS” which is a very key role for any movement. Now we
could see there is a urge at the moment to take the movements in a
differnet way to the next generation for the liberation of the
untouchables of dalits or dalits of dalits.
One solider cannot fight with machine guns in the present war field
as the weapons got changed for modern needs to lot more like mass
destruction bioweapons, cluster bombs , laser guided weapons, etc…,.
So is the case in social war too, we cannot use the same stratiges
which we used five years back. Now we have to think a lot more at this
moment based on the recent concepts of present critical global
economy, global knowledge promotion, golbal village, global gender and
international dalits issues and the role these will have the effects
on the reservations and the stratigies to be charted for these
movements based on these issues.
The group of these people is exposed to different levels and different
areas of knowledge which should be discussed and discoursed for the
present and future generations for the liberation.
Agenda of the south India Madiga intellectual meet are the following
• To create the network among the madigas intellectuals.

• To share the successs and failures of the movements which worked for
the liberation.

• To consider the issues of subcategorization of reservations based on
micro issues with the inclusions of currently emerging global problems.

• To consolidate all our ideas in the booklet form or in a journal as
a guidance to the people to fight for their cause.

• To meet periodicaly to contribute intellectually for the liberation.

• Agenda for the future course will be decided in the meet.

This is not an NGO organisation. This is started with the initiation
of a few well wishers for these people liberation with money from
their own pockets.
It is the group member to decide the suitable name for this
organisation.It can be decided in the meet.
It is upto the group to decide the periodic meet.
The members should plan for the money raising policy to run the meet
in the future.
Participants are requested to bear their own travelling allowance.
Arranagements for the accomodation and food are made by the organisers.
For any queries you are requested to contact the respective persons in
the state incharge.
Andra Pradesh.
Prof.Muthaiah –---------9849633180
Dr. Srinivas Panthakula -9246241975
Tamil Nadu
Mr.Karruppasamy----- -9842090035

Prof.Vijayaand kommulari-9047239377

Program Date – 10 & 11th of july 2010
Place – hicup hall- Loyola college, Chennai.
I have informed lots of people through phone, but missed a few. Please
bear with us.
There is no time for the formal invitation, so a soft copy of the
invitation will be sent through mail about the program schedule. This
is possible only if
Every one can mail their topic of talk or presentation in advance so
that we can plan for the program. We request you to send your topic to
this group mail so that others may avoid taking the same topic.
Every one is requested to take around 30 minutes as the participants
are likely to be around thirty (30).
Mr.Karuppasamy will take the incharge of the consolidation and
preparation of the program schedule.
Two documentaries are planned to be screened in the Saturday evening
1. “ MRPS movements’’ in Andrapradesh by Dr.Srinivas Panthakula
2. “India untouched’’ by Mr.Stalin.
Very important:
Please do maintain your reply and queries to this same group mail id
so that we can maintain the thread.

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