Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dr. Darla achieved a Chancellor's Award for year 2016

Dear Colleagues,
At the outset, let's all congratulate Dr.Alok Mishra (Economics), Dr.Darla Venkateswara Rao (Telugu), Dr. Srikanth (SEST), Dr.Y. Suresh (Animal Biology), and Dr. Venugopala Rao (ACRHEM), for winning the Chancellor’s Award this year. The University will be presenting this award to these five faculty members at the forthcoming Convocation on October 01, 2016.
During the 77th Academic Council meeting held on September 22, 2016, I realized that I completed one year in the office as the Vice-Chancellor. It was a learning experience interms of administrative and financial matters, while it was relatively comfortable discussing academic matters with you!
When I look at the current challenges, the first thing that bothered me was the QUALITYof teaching and research, which is the major contributor for the reputation of our University. I would like to see that all of us are engaged in teaching and research in a manner that is justified in a University with Potential for Excellence (UPE).
The Administration is keen and has initiated efforts to augment resources by seeking support from industry under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It was realized that only 27% of us have ongoing external funded projects and the average output of Ph.D./faculty was almost 0.5% per year in the past few years. For us, to retain the tag of a research University, we need to pull our socks up until we reach a stage as to declare that each one of us have at least one external funded project and are guiding at least one Ph.D. student per year successfully.
It also occurred in the 77th AC meeting that if all of us have external funded major research projects, we would be in a position to provide research fellowships to all our research students who do not have their own fellowships. It would be my desire to see that all faculty members fully support Ph.D. students in their group, if they do not have their own fellowship.
To regain the points we have lost in the previous round of accreditation and more importantly not to slip further, we need to step up the quality in our teaching, our publications, our patent profile and our quest for new research projects to the absolute  potential of the faculty. We need to further increase the degree of transparency in all these activities.
We are all proud that our colleagues in English, Chemistry and Physics have brought name to the University with consistent good ranks. The Administration would be happy, if they improve their rank, and all others find ways to get an international rank for our University to have more such proud moments. Let us all work in this direction, with determination, for the progress of our students and our University.

Sincerely yours,


Individual letter 
Dear Dr. Venkateswara Rao, 
My hearty congratulations to you!  I am happy to say that you have been one among the five faculty selected for the Chancellor’s Award for the year 2016, to be formally presented at the Convocation scheduled for October 1, 2016.  The committee that screened the applications recognized your overall contribution to the University – academically and the corporate life of the campus.
 I wish that you keep doing the good work and bring laurels to the University. 
 I look forward to seeing you at the annual event.
 With warm regards,
 Sincerely yours,
Vice-Chancellor's Secretariat
University of Hyderabad
Professor C.R. Rao Road
P.O. Central University
Hyderabad 500 046
Telangana, India
News from Telugu Daily Eenadu dated on 25 -9-2016

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